Transformer cores are built with CRGD (Cold- Rolled-Grain-Oriented) low loss silicon steel laminations .Use of HIB Grade and laser scribed laminations for the core significantly reduces no load losses and noise levels as committed.

A well core sleeping and cropping offer stress free laminations without burrs for fully aligned core building. Specially dimpled sheets provide space between laminations for most effective cooling. The laminations foremen the magnetic circuit are assemble on special core building fixture. This step-lap or mitered joints at the core corners ensure a streamlined magnetic flux path.

The core limbs are held with resin bonded glass bands to eliminate limb boards. Yokes are clamped by solid mild steel plates with Yoked studs, ensuring high rigidity for with standing mechanical shocks during transportation and short circuits.


Electrolytic great copper or super enamel are use to the design requirements. Windings are made on the vertical or horizontal winding machines with great core by well experienced techno-craftsmen in a clean and safe environment, with positive pressure for superior reliability. High quality pre-compressed insulation, pre shrunk by a specially designed process, ensure long service stability. Thermally up grated paper enables emergency overloaded beyond nameplate rating, wherever desire.

The winding has axial and radial cooling ducted to ensure effective heat dissipation in the oil and eliminating the hot spots.

For high voltage windings, disc coil with excellent mechanical strength are used to take the stresses due to voltage level. A special interleaved or shielded construction offers most uniform voltage distribution despise system transients.


The winding is rigidly supported by a common pressure ring of dignified wood at the top and bottom, for precise alignment. Oil profiled align rings are placed between HV and LV windings to reduce to reduce voltage stress levels. The ends and tapping leads of all windings are connected by special extra flexible, insulated copper cables which are rigidly braised in position. In oil forced units, oil is circulated inside the windings by specially designed pipes of insulated materials.

High mechanical rigidity is achieved by hydraulic pressing at calculated force and tightening all special crews. The core coil assembly is put into the tank with locating arrangements.